Guest House Sapporo-ENJU - Hiragishi House Manual -

    Important matters (please read first)
  1. You need a "key box code" to enter the room
  2. Please complete the Registration Form before check-in (Important!)
  3. About the correct address and route
  4. Penalty when staying more than the number of applicants
  5. Cleaning fee will be charged
  6. Please confirmation of email reception settings (Important!)
  7. Cancellation Policy
  8. House rule
  9. Check in & Check out
  10. About the car parking
  11. How to open the key box
  12. Guide to stay
  13. How to use the kitchen
  14. About the garbages
  15. How to use the Wi-Fi
  16. Recovery is charged if the breaker trips!
  17. Please turn off the power when you going out
  18. Do not open the locked washing machine lid!
  19. How to use the heaters
  20. TAXI arrangement (Reception : 9:00 - 18:00)
  21. Equipment, contact information, other
  22. Equipment list
  23. Call numbers list
  24. Contact to us
  25. Disclaimer
  26. Yours sincerely,

Most important matters - Please be sure to read -

You need a "key box code" to enter the room

You can not enter the room without knowing the "key box code".
(The security code of the key box is not listed on this page.)
Please note that you can not enter the room just by knowing the address.

The "key box code" will be notified after the procedure of "fill in the Registration Form".
Other than that, it can not be obtained.
Please note that we can not answer about the code for security reasons even if you make an inquiry by phone or email.

Please be sure to complete the Registration Form before check-in

Japanese law (Article 6 of the Inn Business Law) requires the recording and preservation of guest lists.
It is similar procedure to the check-in procedure at the front desk of the hotel, and is carried out at any private lodging, too.
You will not be able to stay until you have registered all guests. We do not accept refunds.
This is not our own judgment. We are instructed as such by the administration.
Especially for foreign guests (except those living in Japan), when we asked for a passport, if they refuse it, we have a duty to tell the police about that.

At our shop, we do it on the WEB in advance and devise so that you can check in smoothly on the day.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your cooperation.

We need the following information of all guests.
●Passport number
●Upload a photo of your passport

※The key box number will be displayed on the completion screen after registration.
It is also indicated in the "confirmation email" returned after registration is completed.

If the representative (applicant) and the person actually staying are different, or if you cannot meet other members until the day, please send the above URL for registration to group members, and then register each one separately.
If you are a representative, please be prepared to register information for all group members responsibly before check-in

About the correct address and route

The correct address may not be listed on the facility introduction page.
Since the guest house is a "personal house", for reasons of personal information protection and crime prevention, the branch number of the address may not be written or the map may be out of position.
For detailed address and access to transportation, please check the URL below.

In the case of a hotel, you can usually go to it if you know the address, however, Guest House is in most cases, a room in a general condominium or an ordinary house in a residential area.
There are various features such as the road facing the building is a one-way street, the front entrance is the entrance to other stores, and the correct entrance is behind.
if you accidentally break into an unrelated house or store, you may be caught by the police for trespassing.(It's a different story to my house, but it's a true story.)
When using a guest house, be sure to check not only the address but also the directions, entrance location, and entry method.

When booking, please be careful not to make a mistake in the number of people

Children over 2 years old are charged the same as 1 adult.
Please report the number of children correctly.

If excess is found after check-in, additional fee will be charged for the extra person x number of nights x double
If you make a mistake or change the number of applicants, please contact us immediately.

We charge a cleaning fee

In addition to the accommodation fee, our shop will charge a cleaning fee of regardless of the number of guests and the number of nights.
If you stay with a large number of people for consecutive nights, you can keep costs down.

The number of intermediary sites that handle private lodging, such as Airbnb and Rakuten Vacation Stay, has increased, but please check carefully as the cleaning fee description method and payment method may differ depending on the site system.

Not limited to our shop, there are many cases where a separate cleaning fee is charged for "Guest House", so be sure to check before making a reservation.

Cleaning costs alone cannot be judged. Self-catering is a big cost cut!
If you have a small group of people and you only stay for one night without cooking, the hotel may be cheaper.
However, the strength of the guest house is that you can use the kitchen.
For example, when you want to enjoy crab pot in Hokkaido. If you buy crabs at the market and make your own hot pot, it can be cost cut of thousands of yen to tens of thousands of yen depending on the number of people.
The driver can enjoy alcohol and don't worry about the last order time.

Please confirmation of email reception settings

Once your reservation is made, we will send you more detailed information and a notification email required for your stay.
Be careful with the settings so that emails are not considered spam.
The email contains very important information, so please read it carefully.
If you do not receive an email or have questions about the content, please contact us before check-in.

In particular, there are a lot of cases "We were able to receive at home PC, but noticed later that we could not receive with smartphone and tablet."
Please check in advance whether you can receive emails with your smartphone etc.

Even if you can receive email on your home PC ...

There is a case in which you notice later that can not receive it by smartphone.
Be sure to share information with all members!!
If the actual guest is different from the representative (or applicant), sometimes, there is a case that the your representative do not send a email of us to other members. In that case, other members have not even been informed of basic information such as "address or room entry method".
We also have a life, and we can not respond immediately 24 hours.
There is even the possibility that you can not go into the house all night long, for example, if you arrive late in the middle of the night.
If you are a representative, please be sure to give information to all group members.

Cancellation Policy

Basically, we cannot accept cancellations.
However, we will only accept free cancellations if:

  1. If you make a reservation by mistake. (please contact us within 48 hours from the time the reservation email was sent. If the time limit has passed, you cannot cancel)
  2. When the scheduled transportation stops due to bad weather and you cannot come to the site. (Please tell me the transportation you were planning to ride)
  3. If you have COVID-19 or other illness and have difficulty staying. (Send medical institution certificates or receipts by email)
  4. When accommodation is not possible due to a government decision.

Even if the above does not apply, we will accept cancellation depending on the content if you contact us.

House Manual - Important rules -

The house rules described on this page is also described on each booking site, and you have agreed to it before booking.
If you violate this notice or the rules posted on the site, compensation may be imposed, regardless of intent or negligence violation.
Please read carefully. If there is something you can not understand, please be sure to ask a question.

Check in & Check out

Check in time
Check-in is from 17:00.

Early check-in or luggage storage will be charged.
The price varies depending on the time, the number of people and the number of packages, so please contact in advance.

Check out time
Check-out is till 10:00.

About extra charge of extended checkout time.
10:00 - 12:00 / 3000 Yen
12:00 - 14:00 / 5000 Yen
14:00 ~ : accommodation cost for 1 day.

Please consult early for change of time
You can change the time if you pay an additional charge.
However, we may not support the sudden change, because we must balance the schedules of other visitors.
Please contact me early by all means.

About cleaning additional charge
Additional charges will apply if the following is true:
  • If the check-out is significantly past.
  • If the room is extremely dirty (enter the room with your shoes or smoking in the room) or if the filth is scattered.
  • And other, if the special task such as additional cleaning occurs.

    Notes on going out or checking out
    Please check the following carefully.
  • Please separate rubbish and dump it correctly.
  • Please return all of the equipment to its original position.
  • Please tighten the faucet, and make sure water does not leak.
  • Please turn off the power (Stove, Heater, Air conditioning, illumination, and all home appliances).
  • If the heater is running continuously, we will make a safety setting to avoid the danger of fear of fire.
    It costs 10000 yen per place as the safety setting cancellation fee.
  • Please close the window and lock it.
  • Please lock the door, and back to the key box.
  • When you check out, Please return Mobile Wi-Fi to its original location.
    (Please do not take home a mobile Wi-Fi. If the return frompost, it will charge a fee for use of up to between the return.)
  • Let's check again if there is something left behind for your luggage.

How to open the key bo

The key is not handed over.
Please get from the key box by yourself.

★Important!!★ Please read here for how to obtain the key box number.

When you go out.
When you go out, please put in the key box the key.
You can prevent loss on the go.
People who acted differently can return freely.

About returning keys.
Do not put it back in the key box, please put it in the opposite post.

About the car parking

When you come to the house by car, please contact me beforehand by all means.
A free parking lot is vacant space in front of the house entrance.
It is area of 2m*7m.

When you cannot park in the space mentioned above by plural cars or large car, I prepare a pay parking lot.
One car: 1000 yen per day.

But I cannot cope immediately on that day, because I must negotiate with a landowner to prepare it.
Please talk beforehand by all means.

Be careful not to let your car jut out into the road.
Please start the car from the parking lot, at the time of check-out.
When it wants to be parked after check-out by some kind of circumstances, please talk beforehand by all means.

★Please contact us immediately when a car is not stopped in this place by some kind of circumstances.
Please do not park in another place by a selfish judgment.

★The vacant land of the opposite side across the road is the parking lot of other one.
Please never park there without permission.
When you do not follow the rule mentioned above, a indemnity may be demanded.
Because Japanese land is small, almost land is somebody's.
And those are protected very severely.
Please understand that.

[ Summer ]

[ Winter ]

Guide to stay

Please wipe the wheels of the suitcase
At check-in, please wipe the wheels of the suitcase at the entrance.

  • Take off your shoes in the room. Please change to slippers.
  • Please do not enter except reserved guests in house.
    Even if family members or friends live in the near, it is forbidden to invite them inside the building.
  • There are the neighbors. Please do not issue a loud voice, television, music.
  • Use toilet paper only In the toilet. If you clog the toilet, you will be charged for repair costs.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking in the bed.

All rooms are non smoking
When you smoke, it takes cleaning fee.
While you are staying at my house, if you smoke at outside of the house, please never throw away the cigarette.
Please put the cigarette in an empty plastic bottle or can and treat it yourself.
If you throw out the cigarette, you have to pay a fine of 20, 000 yen.
Please be careful.

Area where guest enters house and is OK
It is all right except in places where "Staff Only" is posted inside the house.

How to use the kitchen

  • The carry in of foods and the tools that do not use fire is freely.
  • When you brought yours pots or tableware, please be careful not to forget it.
  • Please be careful not to bring out the equipment of our house with you by mistake.
    When loss is found out, a indemnity may be demanded.
    If loss is found, you may be required to pay compensation later.
  • Please wash and return to the original place what was used in the kitchen.
About a portable gas stove.
In consideration of the danger of the fire, we prohibit it.
Do not the carry in of it.
We rent these for 500 yen. Please apply in advance.
・Rice cooker
・Portable induction cooker

About free coffee
Espresso machine, please use in the room.
Please do not take home the remaining coffee potion.


Please be sure to report when dishes or mugs are destroyed.
With little damage, we will not claim compensation.
However, we want to grasp that there are dangerous goods.
Please do not check out without reporting that.
Cleaning personnel may get injured because they did not know.
When you check out while there is no declaration, you may be demanded a indemnity.

About the garbage

Please do not bring out the garbage from the house.
All the garbage disposes by us.
Please do not throw trash on the floor.
We ask for your cooperation in separating the trash.

  1. Burnable garbage
  2. Plastic (free coffee potion, trays, plastic bags etc)
  3. Bottles and cans (pet bottles, glass, steel)
  4. Non-burnable trash (iron)
  5. Paper (but dirty tissue and paper diapers are burnable garbage)

About the Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi router is a free rental.
The router is a energy charge type.
You take it outside and can use it.
Use the SSID and password for connection.

You can connect with Internet using SSID and a password.
Please check a setting method of the Internet connection using the SSID for your Mobile device beforehand.
We can not advice how to use your device.

About communication restrictions
It takes a limit when you use much quantity at once per day.
The limit is canceled in a day. It is recovered tomorrow.

About charging
If charge is insufficient, an electric wave is weak, the Internet connection becomes unstable.
If charge is enough, you can use the Internet comfortably even if wherever of the house.
We confirmed it.

Router restart method
Please reboot Router if connection becomes unstable.
The reboot method of the router.

  1. Push the silver button of the router for a long time.
  2. A lamp disappears.
  3. Wait a little.
  4. Push the button for a long time again.
  5. It is lighted again.
Please return the Mobile Wi-Fi to its original position.
Do not lose it, or do not bring it back your house, please. If the return frompost, it will charge a fee for use of up to between the return.

Recovery is charged if the breaker trips!

When the breaker triped, special operations such as boiler inspection are necessary, so can not recover by yourself.
[ If the breaker triped, it costs 4,000 yen to recover! ]

The breaker will trips when you use the electric appliance a lot at a time.
Because use electricity is big in particular, Air conditioner(if equipped), Induction cooker, Microwave oven, Toaster oven, Electric heater, Washing machine, Hair-dryer, please not to use it as possible at once time.
Please be sure to turn off lights and power off to the heater at unused room.

Common cases are, when the group members charge their notebook PCs or smartphones or they use their personally hair-dryer in each room, but other people have not been aware of them and start cooking with the portable induction cooker or the microwave.
So, the maximum usage amount is exceeded.
Talk to each other and be careful not to consume much power at the same time.

Switch off when you go out

When you go out, be sure to turn off the lights of each room, switches of each home appliance such as heaters and air conditioners.
Especially in winter, if you go out with the heating turned on, the safety device may be activated and the heater may not be available after that.
In that case, a safety device cancellation fee of 10,000 yen will be charged!
(Detail is About heater

Do not open the locked washing machine lid!

The Japanese washing machine lid is locked for safety while the washing tub is still rotating.
There are some indications such as a the mark of key illuminated.
Please watch carefully.
The lock is released automatically when the movement of the washing tank stops and becomes safe. Please wait a little.
If the locked lid is forced open, the washing machine will be broken.
In this case, you will be billed max 50,000 Yen for repair costs (or replacement costs if repair is not possible).
Please be careful enough.

About the heaters

About portable heater of each room
  • You can operate only following three buttons.
    【運転】(Start / Stop)
    【温度設定】(Temperature setting)
    【運転延長】(Heating continue)
  • Please do not put a thing around a heater.
  • Please do not move the heater from original place. It may cause have trouble.
    ※In case of failure, we will charge for repair cost for actual cost.
  • Please ventilate the room regularly.
  • The heater stops for security automatically in three hours.
    (A melody sounds beforehand and informs it.)
    When you want to continue, please push the button【運転延長】(Heating continue) .
    If you do not push it, the heater stops ten minutes later.

Refueling to portable heater within 3 days will be charged separately
This heater's kerosene operates normally for 3 days if it is the temperatured we set.
Please note that additional costs 2000 yen will be charged if it is lost within 3 days.
If you stay 3 days or more, the staff will refuel on the 4th day free.
However, if you change the setting to a higher temperature, kerosene will be emptied quickly.
Prease turn off the power when you go out or not in use.

Please do not pull the outlet of all heaters in the house.

About a large heater in sunroom
You can operate only following one button [運転] (Start / Stop)
Please do not touch other than the [運転] button.
Please stop a heater before the going to bed.
There is no need to worry about running out of kerosene in the large heater in sunroom.


Stop all heaters when going out!
Every year in Hokkaido, many people have died of fire due to forgetting to turn off the heaters.
In our shop, staff contact you in advance to enter the room, and they check if you no forgetting to turn off the heater.
If you forget to turn off the heater, the safety device operates and you can not use the heater. In that case, the cancellation fee of the safety setting will be charged 10,000 yen.
The above contents are clearly stated in the house manual (usage rule) of the reserved site, and you agreed it at the same time with the reservation completion.

Be sure to stop all heater while you are away from home.

TAXI arrangement ( Reception : 9:00 - 18:00 )

If you need help with taxi arrangement, please contact me.
The commission costs 1000 yen.
At that time, please tell me the number of taxis, and the destination.
For sightseeing season taxi reservations may be full.
Please make plans in advance and offer as soon as possible.

For sightseeing season taxi reservations may be full.
Please make plans in advance and offer as soon as possible.

Equipment list

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free parking
    *one car of basic-sized
  • Luggage storage OK
    *Paid service
  • Air conditioner
  • Sun Room
  • Living Room
  • TV
  • Blackout curtain
  • Workdesk
  • Sheets
  • Extra pillow and blanket
  • Kitchen
  • Basic kitchenware & seasoning
  • Espresso machine
  • Tableware & cutlery
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Toaster oven
  • IH stove
  • Bathtub
  • Towels
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Bodysoap
  • Hair Dryer
  • Washlet toilet
  • Toilet paper
  • Drum type washing / drying machine
  • Iron
  • Clothes hanger
  • Garden
  • BBQ grill
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Carbon monoxide warning machine
  • Smoke detector

Numbers to call in case of emergency

Open throughout the year 8:00 - 21:00
Support available in English, Chinese, Korean

    You can ask questions like this ...
  • How long is the observatory of the Sapporo TV Tower open ?
  • How can I visit Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill departing from Sapporo Station ?
  • I am planning to visit Sapporo in the winter, what kind of events are there this season?
  • How do I separate my garbage ?

Contact to us

We can understand a sentence written in English.
However, we cannot have conversations in English.

So we are not accepting correspondences with the telephone.
email or reservation site message box only.
*email : .
In the case of the emergency about the accommodations, please write "emergency" in the email title.
In the emergency such as an accident or the injury, please contact the appropriate public institution directly.

Request about the communication with us.
Please get communication with us during a stay.
The communication is carried out mainly in reservation site message box.
Please check reservation site message box during a stay as much as possible.


  1. We will not bear full responsibility for that accident, theft of the building, the parking lot.
  2. We does not tour guiding. Please make a travel plan yourself in advance.
    As we prepare guidebook in room, please refer to it.
  3. When you are staying, when there is business in the staff room, we will enter the house.
    We will contact you in advance in treservation site message box, so please check it.

Yours sincerely,

"Guest House" is different from a hotel or lodging company that specializes in accommodation.
Let the host and guest cooperate with each other and stay in a private home cheaply to gain each other!
It is the concept.
We may not be able to offer great service like a real hotel, but we will do our best to help you with your journey.
We would appreciate it if you could cooperate.

We are currently studying English.
If there are sentence of mistakes or confusing description, I'm sorry.
I correct the mistake and resend immediately.

Thank you!

Guest House Sapporo-ENJU