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On this site, we are informing you of the guest house "Sapporo Enji" in Sapporo.
You can make inquiries about accommodation, or about guidance of ski experience.

 Guest Houses - Introduction -

How to Guest House in Japan- Important infomation -

Booking flow

  1. First of all, please contact us via e-mail from the detailed information page of each Guest Houses.
  2. ●Representative's name
    ●Reservation date
    ●Number of guests (Adalt / Children)

    Please inform us of the above.

  3. We will reply as soon as possible, after receive the mail flom you.
  4. We will notify you by email if we can accept your reservation.
    Also will inform you about accommodation fee.

  5. About payment
  6. If you agree with the content, we will send you an e-mail containing the URL of the card payment.
    Please settle payment with instructions on that web.

    The following cards are available.

    Payment by bank transfer is also possible.
    We will inform you of the bank account number by e-mail.
    (However, it is a bank account in Japan)
    Please give me a transfer by the specified deadline.

About the number of people

Please make a reservation at the right number of people. More than 2 years old child are hotel charges same as one adult. Please report the number of people of child exactly. When number of people excess is found out after check-in, you must pay the double hotel charges for the excess number of people.

For delivery of key

We will not receive the key directly from the host.
Please take out yourself from the key box.
The key box hangs from the doorknob.
The key box is locked by the number, and if you match the 4-digit number, the lid opens and you can retrieve the key.
After reservation is established, we will contact you with keybox-number by e-mail.

About the tourist information
We do not guide the tourist information.
Please make a travel plan on your own.
We preparing the guide book.
Email me if you have a question.
In the case of accident or injury , please contact the public agency.

Please carefully read the email we send (with attached file)

After reservation is made, we will send E-mail with address, method of entering, notes on accommodation and rules to protect, etc from us in advance.
Since very important things are written, please be sure to thoroughly read everything and share information with the members of the group.
If you can not receive E-mail or if you have any questions, please contact us from the contact page on this site.

Another the guidance of stay

Take off your shoes in the room. Change into scuffs.
Use toilet paper only In the toilet. If a problem occurs, you asked to reimburse.
Do not put a non- hotel guest in the room.
There are the neighbors. Please do not issue a loud voice, television, music.

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